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The perfect pairing. Six layers of velvety chocolate sponge sandwiched between creamy chocolate hazelnut frosting, a crunchy chocolate hazelnut base and drizzled with a dreamy chocolate hazelnut sauce. Indulge in a rich, mouth-watering combination you will not forget.

Intimate (4"): feeds up to 4 people.
Small (6"): feeds up to 12 people.
Medium (8"): feeds up to 20 people.
Large (10"): feeds up to 28 people.

Other sizes available as a custom order:
£110: Small two tier (4" + 6"): feeds up to 16 people.
£170: Medium two tier (6" + 8"): feeds up to 32 people.
£210: Small three tier (4" + 6" + 8"): feeds up to 36 people.
£280: Large three tier (6" + 8" + 10"): feeds up to 60 people.

Personalised message:
You can add a personalised message to all of our cakes. If you'd like us to add a message, just type it into the text box provided (+£3).

Just a little note:
All pictures are representative of the product you will receive, as our products are handmade they might not look exactly the same.

Dietary and allergy advice:
Contains nuts, wheat, gluten, egg and dairy. May contain traces of soy. Suitable for vegetarians, but not for vegans.

Storage and shelf life: 
Covered and refrigerated for up to 3 days.


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